Monday, July 5, 2010

Apartment, Autonomy

A is for apartment, of course. Roommate J and I assembled our new place in waves over the long weekend . On our first morning here, we walked to the coffeeshop across the street, and returned a few minutes later to sip lattes from our sunporch and watch the morning foot traffic go by. I felt a familiar twinge- reminiscent of my senior year at Madison, when everything fell into place. Post-grad, I've often remarked that I was just trying to get back to that feeling, that alignment and balance. While my job(s), friendships, relationship, and family life have all been together for awhile now, I was missing the independence that can only come from living on your own. And now, it's back and I'm a little bit blissed out of my mind at the prospect of creating my own home again. So, A is also for autonomy.