Friday, June 25, 2010

Next week will be better.

Remember last week, when I said I was smug and had somehow managing to hit every deadline and please the vast majority of the people around me? Naturally, this week I chipped the glass and then, very very slowly, watched it fall into a thousand pieces. At first I got really annoyed with myself, then I got totally down on myself, and then... after much coaxing and support from the lovely people surrounding me, I let it go.

It wasn't only my friends that got me past it. This morning I walked out of the garage and saw a giant dead frog right outside the doorway. It was obvious that over the course of the week, I'd run it over a few times. Or ten.

I am having a much better week than this frog had.

Later today, I have to somehow dispose of it. I'm thinking of hosing it straight down the driveway so that I do not have to touch it at all. Please, God, let their external water pressure be mighty.


Teresa said...

I talked to my dad today and there are supposed to be heavy storms in the cities--maybe the rain will wash it away.

Gina Marie said...

I was hoping you were right, so I waited out the storms. A tree was knocked down in their neighborhood, but the frog's remains... remained.

You'd probably die if I told you how I had to get it off.