Sunday, May 23, 2010

Smile upon your face, welcome to the human race

Things I love today:

1. This website that tells you if it's time to drink iced coffee yet.

2. The new Jeremy Messersmith album which you can download at your own price here.

iTunes informs me that I've listened to each of the songs on this album 15-55 times in the 2 weeks since I purchased it. The obsession is in full force and I wish I had self-control because soon I'll hit the moment where I shelve it for a year because I'm so sick of it I could die.

3. Outdoor professional baseball at Target Field. The game on Friday night was EPIC. The hot dogs were, too.

4. It's finally sundress season. I feel approximately 95% cuter during sundress season.

5. In the 5 hours I hung out with my excessively demonstrative extended family today, I was told I was loved at least 15 times. Sometimes you just need to be hugged until you can barely breathe.

6. In approximately 40 hours I will be attending James Taylor and Carole King in concert with my parents. My excitement level is somewhere between Election Night '08 and the Christmas where I got the Barbie Dreamhouse with a working dumbwaiter. Prepare yourselves for the most enthusiastic post of all time on Tuesday evening.


Teresa said...

G, let's be honest. You don't need a website to tell you when to drink iced coffee. You'll drink it hot or cold, regardless of the weather.

Gina Marie said...

No I don't need one. But I feel better knowing that the people who can't make big decisions like that have a website that dictates the appropriate temp. of coffee for their climate....