Thursday, May 13, 2010

Off the rails on a crazy train

I was lame and didn’t blog about my dear old Ma on Mother’s Day. Hoping the ‘better late than never’ sentiment applies...

If you know my mom and I in real life, then you know that we’re pretty tight, and also freakishly similar. I’m glad that I have always taken it as a compliment when people remark on our shared personality traits, or my adolescence would have been insufferable.

I’ve mentioned before that my mom likes to make up her own words and pass them off in casual conversation- which has often lead to many fits of hysterical laughter when I repeat them unknowingly around my friends.

Last year while wrapping a gift, I tore the paper and had to tape it back into place. It looked a little shitty but I left it, knowing it was going to be ripped open an hour later anyway.

“Alexsonder Good-E-Nof” I said in a slight Eastern European accent after surveying the damage.

“EXCUSE ME?!” was Joel’s response.

It turns out that not everyone’s mom calls satisfactory things by the name of a fake Bulgarian diplomat. Seriously, who knew?

In 40 years when my brothers and I remember our childhoods I know we’ll think of her much-deserved rise up the corporate ladder and her dedication to attending every sporting event and dance competition on our family calendar. Mostly though, I know we’ll remember her coming up the stairs yelling out our goofy 10-syllable nicknames (Gina-Bo-Bina-Lo-Lina-Fo-Fina is mine...) in a sing song voice at 7 AM.

Once, a new-ish friend said to me, “I was NEVER weird before I met you.” I relayed this on to my mom, saying “You made me this way.”

She shrugged and said unapologetically, “Well yeah, but what’s the fun in being normal?"


Anonymous said...

Seriously, we should meet (ok, maybe not because that just sounds creepy) but I have a feeling that we would get along so well! I saw your new post title and immediately got excited because that is one of my favorite songs. Then, I read about your relationship with your mom and it was like reading about myself. My mom sends me letters about once a week in the mail to "Jenna Bo-Benna Benzocaine." I dont even know how the mailman knows who to deliver them to sometimes. I too have been likened to my mom on several occasions, and instead of making me mad or embarrassed, I smile and feel proud to be just like my mom.

Joel said...

Sheila-Mo-Patty-Del-Thel is one of the most amazing women I have ever met. The next time I make it up to The Cities it is imperative that I spend some quality time with the woman who helped you turn out to be the ridiculously awesome person you are.

Teresa said...

Our moms should meet and be friends.


I'll just start with the fact that all the stuffed animals in my house have names and TALK.

Other expressions of my mother's weirdness are endless.

Gina Marie said...

Maybe everyone's moms are crazy and we're all afraid to talk about it.

Jenna, Teresa... group therapy? Who's in?