Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Take the Fall. Act Hurt. Get Indignant.

I detailed my love for The Mighty Ducks in this post a few weeks ago. Somehow, despite having seen the trilogy around 5,000 times as a child, I didn't even make the Iceland volcanic ash/Mighty Ducks connection this week. EGREGIOUS, I know.

Thankfully my fellow native Minnesotan, Joe, has done this for me (and he did so in a way that is way funnier than anything I ever could have written).

Everyone should read his post here. It's not everyday that someone can effectively fuse Wolf the Dentist Stansson, Jersey Shore, The Tea Party, and a vague hint of actual science, into a succinct 5 paragraph post. That's what being a cracked out law student will do to you, I suppose.

Also look what I came across while googling for this post- this is what Charlie Conway looks like today:

If my love affair with Tim Riggins doesn't work out (or as LH suggested, he proves to be too busy with his ab work to take care of the kids), then I guess I would take Chuck as a consolation prize.


Jamie said...

We are celebrity crush twins!!! I love me some Tim Riggins but JJackson is my second choice. Aaahhh, divinity....

J D said...

;o) Thanks bud -- I agree, we should have a Mighty Ducks marathon soon! Also, I'm loving the April Blogging Challenge, it give me something to do during class...Quack quack