Thursday, April 15, 2010

I went to Subway just for the kettle chips today

I drove past my exit on the freeway this morning. I zoned out while filling my water bottle from the Culligan jug and had to wring out the bottom of my jeans in our mailroom. Either I had a long eye-rubbing session that I’ve since forgotten about, or I only put mascara on my left peeper today.

That was my preface to warn you that today’s post is going to be less than brilliant.

read today that the Library of Congress is archiving every public Tweet ever posted. That’s right, alongside the 21 million catalogued books, and other interesting artifacts that showcase our society’s rich history, will be this:

And this:
And this, via @tali_M:
At first, I was all in a huff about the LOC owning my tweets, wondering how they'd ever be able to justify the 'cultural significance' of my kettle chip obsession. Then I realized that in 20 years, between my constant tweets about craving salty snacks and the website This Is Why You're Fat, America will be able to do some seriously disturbing research on why no one can move anymore.


Tali said...

Proudest moment all week? Ah yes, thank you very much. With your love for processed potatoes and my frequent sugar binges, Congress just got more than they bargained for.

dw said...

Where to you find these websites? Stuff White People Like and This is Why You're Fat are both awesome. How about a post for your older readers with a top-ten list of sites like these we should know about? I feel like I am missing out.

LH said...

That's funny that the tweets will be catalogued. That would be such a great job. I wish I had some kettle chips as well.

KC said...

I agree on the website list. You and LH both have great links.