Friday, April 16, 2010

Ask and receive

Of all the things I know, I might know time-wasting websites best. So, per the request of ProntoPup, here are the top 10 websites to get lost in that everyone should absolutely know about.

10. Fmylife

People who have crappy experiences submit them, and visitors can vote “Agreed, your life sucks” or “You deserved it”. A sample:

Sometimes this site can get NSFW so if you’re in your office, you might want to opt for:

My friend called it “F My Life for Mormons” which is a pretty accurate description.

8. Hipster Puppies

No words necessary:

Failbook is a collection of screen captures of people’s facebook ‘fails’.

7. Texts From Last Night

Texts from last night is by and large a lot of college kids forwarding their drunken texts from the night before. Well, I really hope they are drunk and in college or our society is about to topple like a Jenga game.

6. Overheard in Minneapolis

Several cities have this site- people submit really dumb things they hear other people say. Our local version is generally a lot of idiot suburban teens. Or, sometimes there are gems like this:

5. This is Why You’re Fat

Pictures of recipes that would make Paula Deen blush.

I had a slight crisis of conscience wondering if I should post to this. This site is not very nice. But then again, I don't think it's very nice to wear things like this in public:

This site is seriously the best. In it, the author describes judgmental white people's habits and opinions. My favorite post is still for unpaid internships but they are all really good and scarily accurate. Here's one on Bob Marley. For the record, I'm still going through my classic rock phase, awkward was 7th grade, and rasta love was freshman year of college, which I think puts me in the mid-cool range.

If you are cringing from everything I've linked to so far, this site will might ease your pain a little. It's at least not solely dedicated to people being awful, which is a nice change of pace. Each week, people mail in homemade postcards with their secret on the back and a small selection is posted. Some of them are juicy and others are really heartbreaking. Aside from brewing my morning coffee, I start off every Sunday with this website. Here are a few from this week:

It's best if I just show you what is so great about this site. Behold:

Brutal, no?

Okay and to restore your faith in humanity, everyone should watch this little video. It's really, really beautiful. I watch it whenever I'm feeling like I need to breathe.

Happy weekend!


dw said...

This is AWESOME!!! I am going to be the most popular guy at work for at least a week. I apologize in advance for not giving you any credit and letting people think that I just found all these sites.

You know about the crappy kid's artwork site, right? Only that post is funny, but it's really funny. If you don't, I will blog about that next.


Greta said...

that video is amazing.