Saturday, April 17, 2010

I was born to be a technology coordinator

I'm phoning it in today. For real, I'm posting from my phone. If you're new here, I know what you're thinking. How self-important do you have to be to feel that the world can't make it a day without you broadcasting your thoughts?

Those people don't know about the April blog challenge, obviously. This is god's work. Or something.

Today I read more of the Bobby Kennedy book. I also read the newest Modern Love column in the NYT. I am not tech savvy enough to link to that, but it wasn't a very good one anyway.
Now I'm off to my new favorite area of Minneapolis, Northeast.

Mostly I love that I don't have to wear makeup to go to the bars around here. If anything, you are liked better by the locals, mostly judgy hipsters and old men who start drinking at 9 am, if you are fresh-faced. Also the new Grain Belt Nordeast is delicious.

-- Post From My iPhone


LH said...

"god's work." v. funny. Like that a lot.