Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kissing the Lipless

This was all over FB, but I decided to try it out on here. Not going to lie, it was FUN.

Twenty five things you might not know about me

1. I worry that I am a huge tool because so many things on "Stuff White People Like" apply to me.

2. If I had to give up movies/tv or music forever, I think I would choose movies/tv. I can't do anything, including write this list, without listening to a specific playlist.

3. The first guy I ever kissed gave me a huge complex after he told me my lips "were hard to find". I never kissed him again.

4. I have always preferred to have a small group of very close friends rather than a ton of acquaintances.

5. I could eat hummus everyday. I had to quit buying pitas because the only way I can control myself is if I have fresh veggies to dip it in. Hummus is #112 on SWPL.

6. I genuinely like the sound of Bob Dylan and Neil Young's voices.

7. I used to worry that I would never love anything as much as Joel loves studying schizophrenic schizotypy. Then I got educated on the reproductive rights movement, and found my passion.

8. I sometimes have a spontaneous flash of memory from the time I slipped and slammed chest-first into the corner of a pontoon while jumping off. Then my right boob starts to hurt- as if it too, can remember the pain.

9. My mom is the coolest person I know. Being told I am like her is the best compliment I've ever gotten.

10. I get lost everywhere I go. Unless someone is in the car with me or I'm running out of gas, it doesn't faze me. I drive aimlessly until I find a freeway or road I recognize, and eventually make my way. My lack of directional sense could easily be solved by GPS, but I feel like that's a cop-out.

11. I really want to become fluent in Spanish at some point. Promising to learn a new language is #115 on SWPL.

12. I can order in the correct lingo at Starbucks, Caribou, Espresso Royale, and Dunn Brothers without really thinking about their respective size, milk, and syrup verbiage. Being obsessed with coffee is #1 on SWPL.

13. I used to be a picky eater. On my first night in Paris, I ordered duck because we translated incorrectly. This ended up being a recurring theme of the vacation, and I discovered that I loved all kinds of foods I had previously written off. I still won't eat mayo.

14. I believe in fate because of serendipitous college rooming situations- meeting Joel on my freshman floor, and Kretsch, Annie, and TMW because of subletting.

15. Despite not eating a lot of meat, I would never become a vegetarian. This stems from my belief that PETA is the single most obnoxious organization on the planet.

16. I know that I want to live modestly and spend my money on traveling everywhere. I think the experiences you have exploring other cities/cultures are better than any real estate, clothes, or cars you could ever own.

17. Once when I was interested in a guy who was a bad speller, I created an elaborate scheme to teach him the difference between "your" and "you're" without offending him. His incorrect use of these in text messages drove me so insane that I almost broke it off before coming up with the tricky plot. He never learned the correct usage. Our relationship was short lived.

18. One of my favorite high school memories is performing at the homecoming football game senior year. It was my 18th birthday, and the stands were filled with cheering fans. Kell and I strategically choreographed so that we were next to each other in the front row, on either side of the 50 yd. line. I don't know why it's so vivid a memory, but I remember thinking that my life was complete for those three minutes.

19. My worst high school memory is from the same day. I missed my homeroom b-day celebration because I was in the principal's office (first and last time) defending my captainship after I was caught in a class-wide TP-ing plot. When I made it to homeroom to explain, my teacher thought someone had died because I was crying so hard.

20. I start out every workout by listening to the same three songs: Mariah Carey "We Belong Together", india.arie "Video", and Ashlee Simpson "Autobiography".

21. My favorite place in the summertime is Spooner, WI. I am so excited for the plus three to reunite for "family dinners", tubing wars, and epic matches of Zioncheck.

22. I really wish I had been born in 1950. That way, I would have been 18 in 1968- old enough to work on RFK's presidential campaign, participate in the 2nd wave of the feminist movement, and see MLK's non-violent protests firsthand. Also, I would have been alive to see James Taylor come on the scene.

23. My mom is 100% Irish and used to deck us out like complete idiots on St. Patrick's Day every year. As a result, I love this day and still plot out my greenwear in advance. I knew that meeting Mike on March 17th was a good sign even before we started dating. St. Patrick's Day is #89 on SWPL.

24. The best decision I've ever made is to check out alternate churches. I think I'm starting to get somewhere, and I am excited to try out religion on my own terms. Affiliations with religions your parents don't belong to is #2 on SWPL.

25. I am listening to a song called "Jackie Big Tits" right now. It just came on, and I know I got it from Kretsch. Ironic, no?


Teresa said...

I am tempted to make a comment about every one of these but I will keep it to a minimum:

1. SWPL is amazing. If you're a huge tool so is 75% of the population.

5. They don't have hummus here. I want some.

11. You should totally just give up your awesome job, move to Colombia with me and we can become fluent together.

13. Aioli.

14. I heart you. A lot.

25. I laughed. Sounds like a really great song.