Saturday, January 31, 2009

Amitabh! Amitabh Bachchan!!!!

Deep thoughts:

1. Slumdog Millionaire was even better than the hype, and everyone should see it immediately.

2. I got an email delivered to my account at work from a guy applying for my position. Despite his name being KIP and his cover letter being among the douchiest things I'd ever read, I replied kindly to him that the position was no longer available and that we would keep his resume on file. Being on the other side of those emails is an amazing feeling!

3. The Sarah McLachlan appeal for endangered animals that is currently playing on my t.v. somehow makes me apathetic to the whole cause... probably because S.M.'s music makes me more depressed than all the endangered puppies on the screen.

4. Turns out I didn't have insomnia after all. For six months, I was just not doing anything that my body deemed worthy of a resting period. I've been passing out by eleven every night which is just pathetic. Today, a SATURDAY, I woke up voluntarily at 8 a.m. I refuse to be the girl who cannot still sleep in on the weekends. I'm wondering if cocktailing will make a difference, so I'm indulging in a few tonight. For research. Obviously.


Liz said...

i cried the first time i saw that commercial.

p.s. i miss you!

Teresa said...

Kip obvi doesn't look as good in hot pants as you do.

And I remember Liz not being able to watch that SM commercial all summer....

Molly said...


I read that and thought: it makes you apathetic, it makes liz cry.

I'm glad everyone already remembered.