Monday, November 24, 2008

It's enough to be on your way

Another week down, and I know the following things:

1. If there is such a thing as a geographical panacea, Madison, WI would come close.
2. I tried to quit drinking coffee and lasted one whole day.
3. Employers are much less hasty about providing employment than I am to procure it.
4. I had a dream that I didn't have ANY teeth. Freud?

So to prevent any Debby Downer parallels, I'm taking a little break from the blogosphere. On an exciting note, Mare's blog is now open to everyone and anyone. Look at my beautiful friend in Senegal! Among other things, she is doing God's work- by bringing James Taylor to Segou. I'm only half kidding.


Mary said...

thanks for the shout out gina bean. Now i really have to do a better job of updating my blog and writing about interesting things... I miss you so so much! I was thinking about you yesterday and missing my plus 3. love love love

Teresa said...

Your lack of posts is making me sad.

I'm not sure if you understand how much happiness I get from reading and subsequently laughing out loud when I imagine you saying the things you write.

I miss you.

Liz said...

i second teresa's comment