Friday, August 19, 2011


My boss and I are extremely mature human beings. That's why, after our web team launched our new website this week, we celebrated by heading down to our photo studio to take part in the latest photo craze, horsemanning:

Bizarre photo trends are all the rage right now - it began with planking:

and has moved onto owling:

and patching:

and now, we're at horsemanning. After much discussion, my boss and I decided that owling and patching are inferior to planking and horsemanning. Simply crouching in a corner or covering an eye is not at all embarrassing, and therefore not worthy of accolades or internet fame.

There are a lot of haters on these trends - some are claiming they're dangerous (heh?), while the pop culture obsessed (read: hipsters) are already declaring them "so yesterday."

Me? Just as I was a sucker for flash mobs, I'm a sucker for dumb photo memes. In a world where everyone's a bit Too Cool For School, I find it refreshing to see so many people dedicated to making fools of themselves in public. What do you think?


KC said...

Here's an internet craze I HAVEN'T embraced! Weird!! Maybe I'll get into it?? Maybe?

mm said...

I totally agree with you about horsemanning and planking being superior to the others, especially patching which is dumb.

LH said...

MM, I kind of like the patching. It's dumb, yes. But still kind of fun.

But I like all these photo trends.

Emily Anne said...

Remind me to send you a photo of Tara placing on top of a Buck Hunter machine in a Buffalo Wild Wings....AMAZING!

Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

Wait I don't get how you owl.