Sunday, October 26, 2008

Faded pictures on the waaaaall

Joel, Tal, Annie and I trekked to Madison this past weekend to relive the glory days. We were not disappointed, except (of course) in missing the rest of you lovers who couldn't be there.

Top moments of the weekend

"Actually, I've never seriously dated a guy without a serious criminal record," Annie admitted within the first hour of our car ride to Madison. This means that she somehow beat out my previous favorite Annie dating quote, "He's nice? Yeah, I kind of only date douchebags."

After TMW was dropped on her face outside Amy's Cafe, Daniel began walking her home. Between her sobbing and open wounds, bystanders began to think that D. Walk was to blame for her injuries and hysteria. Shockingly, he was not easily able to reassure them that she was fine. That might have been because she was screaming "Get away from me! Leave me alone!" but we're not positive.

Mike is adamant about not spending unnecessary money on certain things- shoes, food, coffee. When it comes to bar jukeboxes, his thriftiness is out the door. Few things can compare to the look on his face when he realizes that his five dollars somehow paid for the last six songs before bar time. "Money well spent!" he yelled as The Outfield came roaring over the Madhatter's sound system at 1:50. High fives all around. Tequila shots all around.

Tal and I read some back issues of Playboy at the boy's apartment this weekend. It was either that or trying to make sense of the eight different NFL games they were flipping between. Turns out Playboy does have impressive articles. I still don't think it would sell any subscriptions if the women inside didn't have breasts that hit them in the chin. Yet I was slightly impressed by an article on vaccines and autism that I found between two photospreads of the girls of the Big Ten.

While at the Tomah Culver's, Annie asked Joel if he had a hairdryer at his apartment so that she could get ready before her flight in the morning. Not a big deal? It is when she asks in front of a group of six deer hunters who, as Joel put it, "have GUNS in their backseat! This is the hate crime capital of the world!"

While trying to decide what to drink on Friday night, someone suggested Jager. To which Annie responded, "Noooo. I've been drinking way too much Jag at work lately." If only we could all have jobs with two p.m. happy hours...

When Mandy Moore came on in the middle of the bar on Saturday (not one of Mike's requests, I hope), Daniel Walker performed the entire Center Stage warmup dance using a guardrail as a ballet barre. This was increasingly tricky because he was wearing skintight purple jeans but he was quite graceful.

Oh, Madison. You never disappoint me.


Teresa said...

No....we're not positive, are we?

I need to stop drinking so much.