Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I think I need to quit facebook

I have just become FB friends with two of my three brothers, and I must say it's a little disconcerting. Taylor has a lottttt of ladies writing on his wall, and apparently he's earned the nickname "Sexy Tay Tay" from a few of them. YIKES. I decided to stop looking at his pictures, and I'm trying really hard to not chastize him (through FB) about his casual use of the word "gay". Is it a rite of passage that all high school boys must go through, that they all call each other gay constantly? (I just hope he is one of the ones who grows out of it, instead of being the guys from my high school class who to this day write "wanna know how I know you're gay" jokes on each other's walls... )
Then I get an email asking me to confirm friendship details with Rob. Rob would like to confirm the following fact. You are friends with Rob because: You are siblings. Thank you, facebook. Without your assistance, I probably would have forgotten that.


Teresa said...

My brother (age 23) got facebook purely so he could watch what I'm doing.

Thank God I haven't seen anyone call him "Sexy Peej" on his wall.