Monday, June 23, 2008

36-24-36? Only if she's five three

Today was an unexpectedly fantastic day. After a long and emotionally destructive drive home from Chicago, I was not prepping for a Monday at my internship to be a sweet time. A series of seemingly insignificant things happened, leading me to believe that the rest of the summer might just be looking up.

- The barista that I have an inexplicable crush on at Espresso Royale (were he not a dreadlocked hippie who casually switches over to a Scottish accent without warning) took one look at my full punch card, handed me my free latte and then gave me back said punch card. Then he winked at me and told me to enjoy my Monday. That's a three dollar and forty-eight cent savings, my non-coffee drinking friends. I practically skipped to my internship.

- My boss didn't have any writing work for me today so I got to set up an equation on how we should analyze Wisco politicians' voting record on choice. I could go into details, but I was pretty much just pumped to do math for the first time in about six years. Turns out I still remember enough algebra to create an equation that simultaneously pumps up the voting record of well-meaning mixed choice advocates while deflating the voting record of the crappy anti-choicers that vote only when their reelection is at stake. Er I hope that's what I did. I was using and a sharpie, so... we'll see how it turns out.

- On my way home from work, I walked past a man outside the tapas restaurant who nudged his friend and said "did you just see that girl's ass?" in an appreciative/awestruck tone. I turned bright red wondering how many french fries I had eaten this weekend. Then I spotted the Kim Kardashian lookalike about three feet in front of me. And started cracking up. Looks like I'll need a few more plates of fries before I get any compliments on my juicy double.

- Nine years ago today, Bobby Cass turned thirteen. I forgot to call him to wish him a happy birthday, and so he broke up with me. For the eight consecutive year, I have remembered to call him and yet he still refuses to let go of the grudge. I have images in my head of me not recognizing my own children in sixty years, but still waking up in a cold sweat on June 23rd and dialing his parents' home number in vain.

- I didn't have to schlep any stirfry today. And I don't tomorrow or the next day, either. Three full days of not having to explain how a create your own stirfry restaurant works. My bank account is weeping but my pride is beginning to grow back.

- I just decided with my roommates that the ultimate verbal dealbreaker would be anyone who uses the phrase "making love" without cracking up. (Which Ethan Hawke just did, in the movie we are watching)

- I was just about to post this for good because I feel like it's getting a bit less exciting and Lisa Loeb "Stay" came blaring out of my television. YESSSSS


Teresa said...

ummmm on your grade school math team did you wear navy shirts with large addition, subtraction, division and multiplication symbols?

Cuz my school totally had those.

Mary said...

gyna pants7-

1. I miss you.
2. I too remember bobbys bday every june 23rd because he broke up with you. I was in a sweat (I swear it was because I couldn't call him not because of the 120 degree heat) on the 23rd because I was out of phone credit and 70k from the nearest store.
3. ilove you