Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Red curry

One of my truest, purest loves is Thai-style red curry. I'm not sure if I have an authentic palate or not, but I do know that I have a lot of opinions about this particular sauce and how it should be served.

So far, I haven't found anything in the Bay Area that lives up to my (High? American? Terrible?) standards and I am becoming pretty distraught over it. I even threw away leftovers last week after ordering truly terrible takeout.

Back in Minnesota, my gal pals and I would routinely trek to Amazing Thailand for the greatest dish in all the land, Mei kah thi. It's pretty much red curry with egg served over noodles and it is delicious. Plus, it comes in an enormous portion that you can easily (even on your fattest of days) translate into three meals.

Yesterday, things got so dire here that I began googling my favorite dish alongside location qualifiers. Alas, there is not any mei kah thi, in any spelling arrangement that seems reasonable, in Berkeley, Oakland or the city of San Francisco.

Google, why have you forsaken me?

I remain undeterred. There will be red curry, and it shall be delicious. Fine people of the Internet, will you help me? LH, do you know any good places?

Thanks to all the readers who hate red curry and/or do not live in the Bay Area. For you, this was not a good post.


mm said...

I like Amazing Thailand, but I feel as though their service is always lacking.

LH said...

I'll send out requests for intel.

LH said...

Intel #1---- Little Plearn on Shattuck

LH said...

20 Something Daughter gave me the Little Plearn suggestion. And wonder Friend (who I think lives in your neighborhood) wrote this to me:

"We like Thai Delight and Chaam in Berkeley. Lers Ros in S.F. (spicy!).

Haven't heard of that particular dish before."

Because I'm unemployed, I read quite a few good reviews of Lers Ros this morning.

As for your fave dish, there were dishes at my fave Chinese restaurants in SF that I couldn't get anywhere when I moved to the midwest. So I wonder if we have a regional thing going on with the menus.

Thanks for giving me a mission. I'll report back if anyone else weighs in.

TMW said...