Friday, March 23, 2012

Green smoothies are my life fuel

As is typical when the sun starts shining and the heavy winter sweaters come off, I’ve been feeling like I need to take better control of my diet and exercise. I’ve become really dedicated to the green smoothie, specifically the Glowing Green Smoothie as created by Kimberly Snyder, nutritionist to the stars. Kimberly has a whole program you’re supposed to adhere to, but her clients generally look like this:

which seems a little intense. And unhealthy. So in the interest of balance, I told myself that I'd rock the GGS for breakfast and try to sprinkle more fruits and veggies into my remaining meals and snacks.

Then I started drinking the green smoothie and everything fell to shit.

It’s not just that I don't care for the taste of the smoothie. It’s more that by consuming it, a part of me says, “Hey! Way to go. You drank that smoothie. It tasted like grassy water with a hint of dirt, but you choked it down. That’s like nine servings of veggies in a 12-oz. glass. You should celebrate your healthy life choice by eating twelve serving sizes of Cheez-it Snack Mix.”

And then I eat twelve servings of Cheez-it Snack Mix.

I wasn’t eating that poorly before I implemented the green smoothie into my diet, and I certainly wasn’t allowing myself an endless supply of salty snacks. In fact, I was probably healthier before I started this whole fiasco. But now my fridge is stocked with kale and other greens, and I'm kind of determined to finish it all off. And to maybe, just maybe, knock off the ridiculous rewards and just eat like a normal person who happens to start her day off with some blended lettuce.

I'll keep you all posted. In the interim, a fun fact: When carrots and kale are combined in a blender, the outcome is the exact color of something you might find in a baby's diaper.


Kirsten said...

I have a similar issue...."Wow! I just burned 305 calories on that run! Time for a 305 calorie Blizzard to celebrate!" Weight loss FAIL.

PS Happy to see your blogging again; looking forward to minutes of entertainment in my near future!

Josh Gilbert said...

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