Friday, December 2, 2011

New hair

Last night, my dear friend J dyed my hair for me. After a few months of sun-soaked highlights, I decided it was time to go dark for winter. As per usual, once it was finished, I became panicked that this was not a good look. This happens after every haircut - in fact, in high school, my mom started refusing to pick me up from the salon because I'd be such a crying brat.

I'm really good with change.

J reassured me that my return to the color I'd previously rocked for 25.5 years was in fact, a good choice. Still, I needed further approval. So at work today, I snapped a pic of the new hair and sent it to Joel for input.

After he responded positively, I thanked him and then sent him a follow-up text, saying, "I just took a photo of myself in my cube. Are you going to defriend me now?"

He said, "Haha of course not. I mean, there are no Cathy comic cutouts yet so you're still good."

Which is when I sent him this.

Unsurprisingly, this exchange was the highlight of my workday.


mm said...

I for one think everyone should go a bit darker for the winter. Perhaps it's because I always do this, but still...

dw said...

Nice use of the cube for comedic purposes. Well done.

Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

lol I'm all about this. ProntoPup, you should considering submitting Cathy-ing to the board of picture tricks, along with owling and planking.

LH said...

Cathying. Like this concept a lot. Great fotos!

Joel said...

Is that what you were doing over there?