Friday, September 2, 2011


Let's celebrate Friday and the end of this challenge by listening to the first track of the Stornoway album Beachcomber's Windowsill. This song is called Zorbing and I personally enjoy trying to sing the very low backup chants, which I'm sure you'd find unbelievably attractive.

Because Joel refuses to blog despite being the funniest person I know, here are the (verbatim) musings he shared with me after watching this video for the first time:
  1. Through centuries of inbreeding, British people now only have like 15 faces they could be born with.
  2. List of resemblances of their faces: Simon Pegg, Jamie Oliver, Alan Cumming
  3. The drummer is hot sans that douche fedora
  4. The ukelele dude (simon pegg) looked like a drunk mumbling along with the song.
  5. You think you have a small mouth? Did you see the lead singer?
That's a wrap. Thanks, ProntoPup and friends!


TMW said...

Just snorted to myself, alone, imaging Joel making those comments.

All the more funny, because they were all 100% right on.