Sunday, August 7, 2011


Today, I made a baked frittata. Actually, I took all the about-to-go bad veggies out of my fridge, chopped them up, and threw them in a pan with the rest of my eggs, then I threw it in the oven. When I was trying to tell Eric about my culinary masterpiece, I couldn’t remember the word for frittata.

Master chef that he is, he kept throwing egg jargon at me. Strata? Omelette? Souffle? Scramble? Quiche?

When I described what I had in the oven, he deemed it an egg bake. I think frittata sounds less like a Midwestern housewife readying herself for a potluck at the VFW, so I’m going with that.


mm said...

Egg bake might work better than frittata since you are on 'e'. You could recycle it tomorrow for 'f' frittata.

KC said...

Good job on the improvisational cooking!

Also, I've caught up on your posts. The flop houses are really fascinating. Then, I felt really bad that you didn't get that coaching job. I've been passed over for jobs, and it feels like crap. Being a sugar baby seems like a creepy, self-respect-eroding thing to be.

Thanks for the great posts!

LH said...

I'm a big fan of the frittata, or the egg bake. Either one.

Goodwoman said...

This post made me super hungry! I'm glad it's almost lunch time!

dw said...

Agreed on going with "frittata." We non-cooks need to work hard to dress up our meals with legit-sounding names. Plus, it actually sounds like you were making a frittata, so I don't think you were even reaching there.