Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 36: Peek in the life

Share a convo or snippet of your day.

This morning, about four hours after I'd woken up, I found a piece of sleep in my eye.

"Did you see I had sleep in my eye? Why didn't you tell me? Gross," I said to Eric.

"I dunno. It wasn't that bad," he responded.

A few minutes later, he reached over to poke at something below my eye.

"More sleep?!" I asked.

"I thought so. I think it's actually a pimple, though."

Then we both went back to reading and drinking coffee. Not exactly the stuff of a Taylor Swift song, but I'm sure someday soon we'll get caught dancing in a rainstorm while I'm wearing a sundress, and it'll all work itself out.


Jamie said...

Welcome to the downward slide toward living together. You have food poisoning? I'm right here. I get a disgusting sinus infection? There he is.

But also if you want to have a spontaneous candle light dinner... you're right there for that, too! :)