Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day nine: act like your 8th grade self

Uh, forgot to blog today. I've been at a great coaching convention, I'm inclined to tell you- I've not been ignoring the blogosphere in favor of something exotic and fabulous. I'm typing this from in a high school gymnasium. I have bleacher butt. It's not fun.

This is the worst prompt in history, please roll with me.

What song lyric have you been loving lately?

Mine is from a new-ish Ben Kweller song, "Fight." Without further ado:

I'm like my grandma, short but I stand tall- playing every card that's dealt to me. Some days are aces, some days are faces. Some days are twos and threes.

BK speaks the truth, y'all. Hope you're rocking the face cards today. I'll be back and better than ever tomorrow!


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Greta said...

Not going to lie - this may or not be my favorite prompt so far. But maybe that's because I may or may not LOVE memorizing lyrics.

Jenny | The Balow Bunch said...

Ironically, I hung out with my 8th grade buddies today and I'm about to blog about it. Complete with pictures of Owen!!

Jamie said...

Oh gee I hope you made it through that experience... *you* might have thought it was a cop out post but I actually had to reflect on something I've been avoiding thinking about... so thank you!!