Monday, March 14, 2011

Day five: Happy Happy Joy Joy

Does it seem like the world is imploding to anyone else? Obviously there are macro-level events we're all concerned about, but for me and my sphere of friends, this last week has been a raging suckfest of personal sads. Therefore:

Name at least one good thing you've heard, seen, or done lately. Seriously, this isn't a trick question. Anything that doesn't have a downside. Go.

I'm actually predicting into the future, knowing that I'm going to have a great night. I'm meeting with one of my favorite people, Lent!Blog! participant Joe of Holly Was a Hoodrat. That's right. We're getting together IRL, something that happens far too seldom. There will be half-price wine and delicious food, he'll teach me something about science, and then we'll fire off on the state of the American political system, where we'll talk about some hard stuff but also bring up easy targets like Glenn Beck and Michele Bachmann because a) they exist, and b) we're nothing if not good Jon Stewart disciples.


J D said...

Aww! We will for sure laugh, cry, and shake our fists as we stroll through the gamut of topics we're sure to cover tonight.

BTW, did you hear about some protests that have been going on in what I want to say is Wisconsin in the past few weeks? Just learned about it, thought I'd let you know ;o)


Jamie said...

This was a very sweet prompt and as you know came on a very good day for me! :)