Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day eleven: Turn and face the strain

What is one change, big or small, that you've had to deal with lately? Was it hard? Why or why not?

My new big change is my blog design. I've hated my other one for awhile - I'm not as cute or dainty as it suggested - so I'm excited to start fresh.

That said, I know nothing about HTML code so today's lunch hour was quite comical. "Delete - preview - undo - delete something else- preview - undo", for an hour, until I had to return to work. It at least resembles what I want it to look like now, though none of the adorable tabs at the top lead to anything, and my twitter feed is gone. Also, the title of my blog is also now GRUNGE THEME. In theory I know how to fix that, but it'll require my design skills to come out. So, this blog might be known as GRUNGE THEME for a few months.

Nevertheless, I'm excited for the future of A Wooden Nickel. Facelifts are always fun, so long as they don't require anyone's actual face.

What are you waiting for? Get out of your readers, visit my actual site and tell me what you think!


J D said...

Hey there, Grunge Theme -- I like the new look, but I'll have to get used to the grungier awoodennickel ;o) It's like when politicians roll up their sleeves; perfect for these times...oh, and I promise to get back on the blogging wagon. stupid law school knocked me off for a day or two

Anonymous said...

Ironically, your blog is one of the few that I don't read in my reader so I saw the face life right away. Digging it much more than the flowers

TMW said...

I think for my change blog, I might have to write about your blog. I was so visually confused.

Gina Marie said...

@JD Thanks! I'm really liking it, even though I think it might just be easier to change my name to Grunge Theme and pretend like it was conscious.

@SaraRagaller I hated the flowers. The flowers actually pissed me off for months. But I'm a creature of habit and couldn't find anything I liked that much better.

@TMW Life's hard, man. How do you do it?

Jamie said...

I love love love the new theme! I liked your old one too. But this is very fitting.