Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We just changed it from Chris Brown

I ventured out to a local coffeeshop to get some post-work work done (my life is so thrilling these days! Try not to be too jealous!).

After settling in with my drink, I realized they had a locked wireless account. Annoying. I looked back at the barista, who was busy being adored by the throng of fans near the counter. It had taken me five minutes to get my iced tea already and I wasn't looking forward to pushing through the hipsters to demand the password.

She looked at me, totally unimpressed that I was demanding something of her after having used a debit card on a $2 purchase to begin with. When I asked her for the code she said, totally bored, "Yeah. It's melgibson- no caps, no spaces."

Well, yeah. Of course it is.


Jamie said...

People are jerks. At least you made a funny blog post about it :-)

It's extra funny because I am in Starbucks doing homework and there is this jerk with a speaker phone PLUGGED INTO THE WALL, hosting a conference call about water management. If only they had not given him the password.

Teresa said...

I witnessed some truly appalling displays of hipster fawning in Espresso this year. One particularly painful episode included a girl trying so hard to flirt with the barista that she WENT BEHIND THE COUNTER and started poking around and touching things. Everyone in the place was staring at her.