Monday, August 2, 2010

Rules of Summer

I'm stealing this from Kyla Roma. Here are my rules of summer:

Accept that in 60% humidity on a 90 degree day, you’re going to have a ‘fro. Use this as an excuse to sleep in, toss your hair up, and go to work looking a little worse for wear.

Brew cold press coffee at home to save money and time. (An easy recipe: 1 cup ground coffee in a pitcher with cold water. Stir and let sit overnight in the refrigerator, strain after 12 hours.)

Eat berries. Pay too much money for them, and then eat them slowly and with great fanfare.

Take a big risk and don’t look back. I’m working on mine, it scares the hell out of me, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

Buy sundresses in August. Don’t be fooled by the back to school signage or the Halloween decorations coming out. It is summer. For another month. No long-sleeve purchases allowed.

Find a friend with a CSA, and charitably take all the excess produce she can’t use up. Make delicious concoctions that you otherwise wouldn’t have tried.

What are YOUR rules of summer?


Jamie said...

I LOVE YOUR RULES! I actually enjoy brewing my own iced coffee, since I can do it in batches, unlike during the winter.

And in DC, every day is fro day, because we do not get below 80% humidity until like October.

Teresa said...

Don't knock over that iced coffee in the breakfast nook!

KC said...

Gin and Tonic. Stir w finger.

Gina Marie said...

Jamie, I would be a disaster if I lived in DC. It sounds unbearable!!

KC, I at first had two different rules about drinking but they seemed a little too alcoholic-y so I removed. Yours is perfection.