Thursday, June 10, 2010

C'mon get happy

This is just not my week. I recognized how dire everything had become when (there's an almost good reason for this) I drove into work today wearing basketball shorts, and then, parked in a spot at the very back of my ramp, shimmied my way into my skirt while still sitting in the driver's seat. Like all ex-Catholic school girls who spent approximately 10 years of their lives demurely changing this way after gym class, I am freakishly talented at the shorts to skirt switcheroo.

As I dropped the shorts and congratulated myself on 4 consecutive days of hanging onto my sanity by a thread, an extremely depressing song played in the background. The subject matter was death. The whole album is about death. I've been listening to it on repeat because it was appropriate for our rainy, gray May.

Now it's summer. And while I don't think that listening to Taylor Swift on repeat is ever going to make the whole 'I can't dress myself' debacle seem as adorable as she is, I do think it will improve my spirits greatly. Also, it will be more fun to sing loudly in my car about Prince Charming and Romeo and Juliet instead of a Deathbed Salesman. This is not rocket science.