Friday, April 30, 2010

The end of a (literacy blogging) era

Now that the literacy blogging challenge is coming to a close (which off the page, I sometimes called the "Blogging For Literacy Challenge" because it made it sound crazy important and like an initiative Caroline Kennedy would be the chairperson of), I don't want it to end.

In order to extend our efforts, I'm now linking to my favorite post from each of my fellow literacy bloggers. Fittingly, this might be the height of my literacy activities this month because it required scouring the last 30 days of Google Reader.

I loved this post because it's important to remember that you always have time for vulnerable, real human interaction. Then, when it's over, you have to sprint off because you've taken up time that you didn't have.

Shannon is another blogger who's great at bringing me back to what's important. She's done a lot of blogging about 'mindfulness' and gratitude this year. She shared this fabulous video by a relatively new (but very successful) author, Kelly Corrigan.

Unabashed Liberal: Gail Collins and Today Was a Good Day
I couldn't choose between these two. I love Gail Collins and I love when she talks about female politicians. She is one of the one only members of the media that I think brings up new and interesting points on the disaster that is Sarah Palin, rather than just re-hashing what we already know. I was really happy that UL linked me to this article because somehow I'd missed it.

The second was wonderful for several reasons. First, I was excited about both the passage of the same-sex hospital visit rights and the news that Obama was going to crack down on Wall Street. As I'm not as well-versed on politics and therefore not as critical, I get kind of double-ecstatic when UL praises Obama twice in one day because it means he's really kicking butt.

Thanks to this post, I have this book on my to-read list. I also cracked up when I read the post and was able to understand its title. Hysterical, indeed.

I really like that IROACR and I are partners in guilt. I don't know anyone who is as prone to feeling guilty as me, but as she mentions she is both Catholic AND Jewish and so I think she might win. That sucks for her, but made me feel better. (And then, naturally, guilty for winning something.)

Shef, Uh-Uh
I think that the image of Shef reading to Mac could warm even the blackest heart. As long as that heart didn't belong to someone who hates literacy.

I don't work in a school, as some of the Literacy Blog Challenge participants do. So I was excited to get a look into PIYP Day and how well it went. Getting 97% of students to do anything would be a huges success, I think. I'm really glad that so many schools participated in this. I know I would have loved it as a student.

I always appreciate KC's infinite patience when I read her accounts of dealing with sassy teenagers all day. Also, as someone whose high school was woefully behind the times, I think it's neat that she uses online tools in order to engage her students in ways that interest them.

ProntoPup, Terrible. F.
It was really difficult to choose just one of Pronto's. As we've all mentioned a hundred times in his comments, he's really really funny. This one was chosen because I loved his version of what SWPL would say about lame white bloggers. Also, it was in the height of Pronto linking to his own past posts, which I do too. We do it because traffic increases are the only reward you get for blogging.

... That's a wrap. It's been real, friends.


dw said...

That, in fact, is the reason why we do it. A hit caused by you tricking someone into clicking on a link to your own blog is still a hit. Sitemeter does not discriminate.

KC said...

The void we'll feel tomorrow will be immense.

How will we find new identities as bloggers??? Maybe we should just go out for a drink.

Shannon Clattenburg said...

I'll join in on that virtual drink - even though I totally bombed on this challenge!!

I was all gung-ho... and then burnt out!?

That being said, I've really enjoyed reading yours (and everyone else's!) posts, and will most definitely continue in the future.

LH said...

I love this post. Well done. And great job on the blogging challenge. I'll keep reading!

Teresa said...

Gin please don't stop.

You know I need you for my daily laugh-to-myself moment.