Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ain't nobody gonna break my stride

Today was the second to last day of the literacy blogging challenge! It was also Poem in Your Pocket Day! I should be writing something inspired, exciting, and lengthy, but instead I spent the night watching my brother's baseball game so I'm here, at 10 PM, trying to remember what I could have read today that I can write about now.

I read a bumper sticker today that stated "I Love My Wife". Right underneath it was one that said, "Have You Prayed for a Liberal Today?" I tried my best to shake the feeling that the driver was an asshole, but I couldn't. That's okay, I bet his wife thinks he's stellar. Her opinion is more important than mine, and hopefully developed over many years instead of in the moment when her husband's minivan cut off my welfare-loving Subaru hatchback.

I love bumper stickers. I especially the ones that cause me to roll my eyes and sigh loudly at 7 AM while saying things like, "Oh is this the Moral Majority lane? MY BAD" aloud to myself and my coffee.

Off I go in search of the liberal man who will someday declare his true feelings for me on his back bumper:

Yeah, My Wife's Okay.


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