Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cressily Ems. This is for you.

I started to write a post about how much I love my girlfriends today, but it wasn't going anywhere. Which is silly because I really have some fabulous friends. One of them is Emily. She's been vying for a blog shout-out and so far I haven't given her a good one.

So, here it is. Emily's great. This is her Twitter account link- you should all follow her. She doesn't Tweet anymore because her job is madness and she doesn't really like Twitter. Am I selling her yet? No?

Well, then perhaps you just need an acrostic poem to sway you.

E is for Everyday, she is probably treating a rash or about to get a new one
M is for the way she says "MMMMMM oh YEAH" after every bite of food she eats
I is for the Innapropriate things she says when drinking vodka
L is for her Love of all music that I hate
Y is for Yellow because she has a sunny personality and really pretty blonde hair

I think the fumes from yesterday are getting to me. Or perhaps it's because this is the TWENTY-SEVENTH post I've written in as many days. This blogging challenge is killing me, but I'm glad I did it. I hope the prize is a meeting with Ryan Sutter, seeing as KC is best friends with him now.

My literacy activity of the day was reading some hilarious acrostic poems when I had to google "letters in a name to make a poem" later. It's been awhile since 4th grade, y'all, when I did my last one.


LH said...

The blogging challenge has indeed been challenging.
We're on the home stretch. Finish STRONG!
(I'm watching Biggest Loser and someone just said that to someone else during a 5k).

Emily Anne said...

God I sound like a hot mess!! Oh well, I'll take your half assed shout-out!

Joel said...

Someone's looking a gift horse in the mouth. Another sound bite that is your trademark, "Murder", during Zioncheck. Is that how we spell the game name? I just remembered how ruthless Di Ci is in that game. Ahh memories...

KC said...

I like Emily Cress too. I used to read her tweets, when she tweeted.

And, I like her style.

Here's to Emily!

And here's to Gina for writing about her!

Three more days.