Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reputation's changeable, Situation's tolerable

My one-year performance review was this week, so the last few days have been spent kicking into high gear as I try to break some bad habits I’d acquired without realizing. Like all busy worker bees, I am sometimes so focused on the big client tasks that I ignore my own processes and organizational standards- or forget to create them at all.

Gone is the hand-written to-do list, diligently re-copied every morning. On the way in is the tech-savvy task list that syncs to my calendar. My inbox is making its way towards organized chaos as I force a ‘file-or-delete’ policy- finally. My old system of “Ooh! Teal file folder! Pretty!” has been cast off for an intentionally color-coordinated filing system like normal people. I’m going to kick the shit out of this year, I've decided.

Then last night, B and I went bowling after he informed me that he was feeling competitive. Let it be known that prior to last night, my high score was a 58. Somehow in our second game, I rocked an 84. A big day, but the most hilarious part was that I was either getting spares or gutter balls. Pretty much nothing in between.

Even though I’d told him in advance that I was not the girl who appreciated pro tips on the lane (just let me suck, I really don’t mind), I turned to him after a particularly bad frame and said “What is going ON? How come I either get all of them or none?!”

He responded, “I really don’t know. You have great technique, but you lack direction.”