Thursday, February 11, 2010

On coaching, and the goosebumps that come with it

Warning: This post is sappier than a cut-back birch tree in March.

After 4 1/2 months of rageful commutes in rush hour, 8 AM Saturday practices, and the complete demise of my social life and sleeping schedule, my team pulled off the ultimate coup on Saturday- we're headed to the State Tournament after winning our high kick section, and placing 2nd in jazz (the top 3 teams in each advance).

The other coaches and I discussed next steps on the long bus ride home from our 12-hour-day in southern MN, followed by a 2-hour parent celebration/interrogation at a local restaurant. Then I headed to Bobby's and, even while attempting to filter out my excitement, made him listen to at least 45 minutes worth of dance team strategy. He listened intently through the first seven fist pumps, which was kind.

While excitedly recounting the details for Emily, she started laughing and said "I seriously don't think you were even this obsessed when you were on the team".

I wasn't. As a teammate I could never accurately gauge the talent or the work ethic of the dancers around me. I did my best and hoped that the others did, too. As a coach you watch the team form around one another in almost slow-motion throughout the course of the season, are present to see them gather strength, camaraderie and confidence with each performance. You know what they are capable of and when they deliver on it, you think you might explode with pride.

I don't have any clever way to end this. I'm just so excited to see them in action this weekend and so proud to have been at all involved in the amazing progress they've made this season.


Laurel said...

Gina!! What an amazing experience!!!! I hope this weekend goes amazing for you and the team! I'll be thinking of you!

Greta said...

Woohoo!! Go Stars!!!