Sunday, August 30, 2009

The unlocking and lift away

I woke up yesterday, saw sunny skies, and quickly put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to run some errands before meeting an old classmate for coffee. I got into my car in a closed garage, and when I stepped out of the car at Target, I realized that it was fall. Overnight, really. The summer breeze was a brisk fall current and the air felt lighter and more crisp. Even the sky, which had deceptively determined my warm-weather attire only minutes earlier, seemed to look less blue as I realized that I was extremely underdressed.

For a fleeting second, I was disappointed. Then I decided that I'm ready to bid farewell to this season in favor of my favorite one. I love summer, but I feel it has too many expectations. Especially in Minnesota, where we feel that we must accept the 3 months as a peace offering, and cram every possible activity while the sun shines on our lakes and yards.

Fall has long meant the return to school, which I (as a perpetually nerdy student) looked forward to. A new backpack, a sturdy pencil case with extra lead tucked next to my new mechanical pencils. I liked the return to responsibility that fall represented, the return to a schedule and all of your friends in one place. For me, it also meant the beginning of a new dance season. Front and center was only a tryout away, and I would lose sleep as I wondered if somehow I had 'lost it' over our three month break.

Fall is here, and that still means responsibility. Between a crazy work life, dance starting, and friends, I've been feeling stretched thin in a great way. The lazy nature I accrued in Madison has slowly dissipated as I remember how wonderful it feels to have a full day and night of activities. To sleep soundly because your body knows you deserve it, and that it will be tested again the next day.

My only big regret is that I've stopped running lately. I didn't really mention it but I'd been attempting to train for some (very pathetic, small distance in comparison to other impressive friends) races this fall. Life got busy, my knee retaliated, and my iPod broke after one particularly intense run in the rain (hiding it in your sports bra when the torrential downpour comes is apparently not enough protection. Who knew?) After hearing that Emily ran 18 miles on Saturday in preparation for her marathon in a few weeks, I realized that I need to man up. I'm not getting any younger. Or thinner. Did I mention that I was so hungover I had bacon twice today? Well, I did.

Yes, this whole post was a rambling attempt to disclose my bacon obsession. It's back and it's going to need to be curbed immediately.

Overall, though, it's going to be a busy day, a crazy week, and a great return to the over-stretched person I've always been, and am probably supposed to be. Fall, I've never been so ready for you.