Monday, November 3, 2008

The ego, super ego, and the id(iots who can't or won't hire me)

Last week, I had a super weird dream that I had chipped a tooth and, as I currently lack dental insurance, I had to go to an interview without a large portion of my front tooth. I woke up laughing- mostly because I know that my dental insurance is the least of my worries right now.

While I was telling my mom and Joel about this dream, Joel informed me that Freud, in his infinite wisdom, had a theory about this exact situation.

"According to Freud, dreaming about a chipped tooth means you think you have no control over your life," he informed me. He immediately looked like he regretted this admission. Don't worry- I don't need a Freudian theory to tell me that for the first time, I have no effing idea what's going on in my life.

The good news? Everything was beginning to look up. As of last Thursday I had TWO interviews set up for today. Now, due to a "change of heart" (from the person whose position I would have been interviewing for) and a "revocation of funding", I have zero. For everyone out there keeping score, that means that I am almost regretting not taking the job that would have involved my first love and number one skill, grocery shopping.

Looking for the silver lining on this situation, I'm quite positive that I don't have penis envy. So despite his attempts to explain all my thoughts through psychobabble, I'm currently kicking Freud's most famous theory's ass. It's a small but necessary consolation.


Teresa said...

You are SUCH a good grocery shopper.

Molly said...

what was the job that involved grocery shopping?

I would hire you. :)