Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sinners in the hands of an angry god?

Earlier today, I drove my youngest brother Connor to an after school youth program run through our church. Apparently, it's becoming really popular in his group of friends to go. When I pulled up and saw my brother wave to a cute group of girls in the courtyard, I realized that his newfound interest in the church might not be so heartfelt.

I was actually a little relieved by this. The only time I went to a youth service at a local church, I was pretty terrified to hear a sermon that was less than accepting. I didn't have any gay friends at the time, didn't have any that were considering pre-marital sex. I did know that fire and brimstone sermons were not my cup of tea. So then. A youth group where they play ping pong and hang out with girls? Finally, a church initiative that I can fully support!

He came home a few hours later, and I asked him how it went.

"I had so much fun," Connor said, barely looking up from his homework. "We played the best new game. It's called Smear the Queer."

Perhaps I spoke too soon.