Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A one man wrecking machine

I woke up feeling motivated and ambitious- two important components to job hunting that I have been lacking in the past few weeks. I immediately found three (THREEEE) jobs that I'm actually interested in on my favorite job website and wondered if my new disposition had anything to do with them being there.

I sat sipping on my cold press coffee, cover lettering my heart out, and decided to invite Bobby to come job search with me. He's equally annoyed with being unemployed, and has no desire to work in the same job sector as me (win-win). After I convinced him that Caribou has free wireless, he was a quick sell. I think things are looking up, but I don't really have any evidence other than the weird feeling in my stomach when I got out of bed. Cross your fingers, send good juju, pray to witch doctors- whatever it takes, betches. Turning 23 without a job prospect could be kind of harsh.

Last random comment: I am sitting by the window at Caribou and two cars in a row have 90 degree cornerbacked into their spots. The look of agony on the drivers' faces and their extremely slow reversing cannot possibly be worth the extra three seconds they save pulling out. Also, one man had to make his kids exit out his door because he parked his minivan too close on the right side. People are so freaking weird.


Teresa said...

I can perfectly hear your voice emphasizing the THREEEEE jobs.