Monday, April 28, 2008

All hopped up and no place to go

This has to be brief, for reasons that will soon become evident.

I don't think you have fully lived until you have attempted an all-nighter with some of the amazing people that I live with. Midnight Starbucks trips, 3 a.m. sundae binges, full bags of peanut M&M's disappearing without recollection all become a common occurrence. As do sayings that get forever put into our repertoire, like when Tal told me to "FUCK OFF!" when she meant "NO WAY!".
I currently have a reading guide, two ballet papers (really, Vivian?) a film paper, and a seven minute debate due by Wednesday at one p.m. As of five minutes ago, I have the film paper done. Don't worry, I don't blame anyone but myself. I have even convinced myself that I like to work under pressure.
Otherwise, I don't know how I would explain the fact that instead of doing work this weekend and today, I:

- went out Thursday, recuperated all day Friday
- didn't do anything on Saturday except go to work for a night shift
- made a lasagna for the better part of last night after sitting around all day
- took a three hour nap and skipped two classes today
- am currently writing this blog post to avoid all of the above activities

This day would royally suck, were it not for the fact that Vivian complemented me today. In addition to saying "good leg" last week (about the leg I was moving), he smiled at me today and informed me that I had a good chasse. For those not familiar, that is pretty much the equivalent of saying, you know how to properly shift your weight from one leg to the other while keeping them bent. Screw all these papers, I'm two steps from Julliard.


Jenna said...

This is why I hate your blog...

- indoctrinated
- overzealous
- staunch
- frank
- "militant femenist"

Its like a freaking other language to me!

Ok, I don't really hate your blog... but you know what I mean.

Peace, love, and lackadaisical