Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Scooby doo BOP

It has been beautiful outside the past few days. This is surprising because Madison's spring comes every year around finals rather than in April like it's supposed to. Usually, this means that I'll only enjoy a few walks down the Lakeshore Path and one Terrace Friday (actually, that was a good thing) before I head home for the summer. I'm excited to experience a full summer in Madison, even though I'm going to be working my ass off and trying desperately to find a job/career to take on in Minneapolis when my lease ends in August.

I've decided no Americorps for next year. My mom convinced me that it will be depressing enough to be without a job, car, or place to live right after graduation. Delaying all that for a full year doesn't mean that it will go away. I'm pretty sure she also doesn't believe that I am selfless enough, but I won't take offense- I'm probably not. Regardless, she told me that my single bed would be waiting for me as long as I can stand sleeping in it.

Today I saw a person searching Bascom with a metal detector. I've never really seen a well-kempt person using a metal detector. And every time I see a beach bum-type walking around, scanning the ground for buried metallic goods, I can't help but wonder: "what are the odds that you will ever find something valuable enough to pay off the money you spent on that damn thing in the first place?"


Liz said...

you would title your post scooby doo bop