Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oh, Mexico... it sounds so sweet with the sun sinkin low

Today, the governor of New York was busted for being involved in a "high-class prostitution ring". In addition to wondering what would have happened if it had been a low-class prostitution ring, I found myself staring at the picture of he and his wife at the press conference announcing his immoral actions.

In every single account I heard of the press conference, the main details were that he a) fessed up, and b) had his wife of 21 years standing next to him. This led several friends and me to begin discussing the anatomy of a politician's wife. When saying their vows, do they say "for richer for poorer" while internally knowing it means "in scandal and in glory"?

While I can never know the inner workings of the Spitzer marriage, or any marriage, I can say with some authority that the press conference podium would be the last place on Earth I'd be as my husband announced his infidelity. Especially if that infidelity included a sex worker and a $5000 hit on our personal bank account.

Alternate places include:

1. Jenna's car, fleeing for the border
2. my trusted divorce lawyer
3. paying a visit to MY high-class male prostitute
3. Sak's, stocking up on all the things I won't be able to afford once I flee for the border, get a divorce, and the government discovers that my no-good, now-ex-husband is also a money launderer who owes our entire fortune to the IRS and several branches of the mafia