Thursday, March 13, 2008

Beef Jerky? Give me my tofurkey!

I know I tend to declare undying love for a lot of random things, but I need to share my latest obsession. I crave tofu. After I manage to curb my americano craving each morning, I start to get that tofu itch. This week, it was a blessing because I pretty much only had Japanese egg noodles and some veggies to choose from. Throw some tofu in that pan, and it's kungpao heaven. Plus the amazing hippie man at my grocery store gave me the name of a better brand that they sell. This is probably not that exciting to anyone else, but it made my day.

What else made my day? Jenna teaching me the meaning of the word lackadaisical last night. I had legitimately never heard that word before, but now I know it's going to follow me around like new words do. My main goal in life is to somehow use it in a sentence with the word oxymoron and doppleganger. I'll keep you posted...


Jenna said...

Thats right everyone... I taught Gina a new word. Never expect to see that happen again.

Lackadaisical: without interest, vigor, or determination; listless; lethargic