Wednesday, March 5, 2008

lover, would you like some chevre?

Some musings from the pro-choice front...

1. "Your organization is too mainstream and politically correct for me. I think abortions should be available on demand and without apology. You beat around the bush and kiss too many politicians' backsides trying to get legislature passed" - 70 year old woman who chatted my ear off during phone banking

2. "Where did you get our number? My wife is pro-life, don't call back" - man whose wife has signed ten pro-choice online petitions, also during phone banking

3. "I don't think I should have to dispense birth control, because I can't be positive that a woman isn't going to use 3-4 pills at once in order to cause an abortion on herself. I would then be responsible for an abortion" -crazy pharmacist at the Senate hearing
"What if you filled someone's prescription, they took too many of them and ended up committing suicide?" - devil's advocate Senate member, making my life