Saturday, March 22, 2008

I wish we could box this up and sell it like Monopoly

Joufit [j· ou · fit ] : noun;
definition: an outfit comprised entirely of denim. The most common form is a denim jacket paired with denim pants. Joufits can also be a combination of denim shirts, vests, or jean skirts. It is possible to achieve a joufit by wearing two different washes of denim, or the same wash. Joufits were first discussed as a "dealbreaker", but have since taken on an almost mythical quality due to Vegas spring break 2008.
Synonym: Canadian Tuxedo

Fit game [fit · geym] : noun;
A point-based game derived from the appreciation of joufits. If a participant is the first to point out a person wearing a joufit, they receive one point. Other outfits comprised of entirely one color (either denim or alternate fabric) receive two points. Additional points can be rewarded due to a triple denim sighting (i.e., a denim hat in addition to a traditional joufit), and are given at the discretion of other participants. Outfits created out of a printed material, such as camoflauge or a geometric 80's pattern, may be also be given more than two points. Additional rules can be added depending on the date or occasion. For example, a kelly green sweater that has obviously been broken out annually on St. Patrick's Day only for the past thirty years can be rewarded if playing the fit game on March 17th.

That's how I'd sum up my spring break. Despite being in Vegas for four days and four delicious nights, the fit game was absolutely a highlight of the trip. Vegas is the joufit capital of the WORLD, people. J spotted two triple denim joufits within minutes of one another, and a camo-fit to boot. My personal best was either four joufits walking together, or a cropped denim vest joufit (words can't give it justice, let's just say her breasts were quite adamant about not fitting into the vest). Sara spotted two camofits together at the airport, and Liz found a tealfit with a vest at her airport. Our lives may never be the same.

I could go into a feminist rant about the pirate porno show that is called family entertainment, or a description of the amazing Bellagio fountains. I would love to try to detail the lifelong friendship I made with an extremely effeminate moustached (!) man we nicknamed "Logo", or to give a better description of my karaoke debut with Jan. But visions of fits are fresh in my mind, and I can't seem to make them go away.

I'll leave you with this: while dancing at Studio 54, where we were sippin on comp'ed drinks and ballin' at our comp'ed VIP table, I met a lovely blacked-out bachelorette named Jennifer. As she continually felt the need to show men her boobs, I felt only natural teaching her about the one tit flash. She was a huge fan, and I somehow felt better that she was only exposing one of her (very large) tay-tas to uninterested random men.


Joel said...

I would like to know why my roufit was not listed in the highlight?

Liz said...

the bachelorette also felt the need to one-tit flash me as well

Emily said...

i'm actually crying...AMAZING