Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Key takeaways

*Written on Monday AM*

What's up, party people?! I'm coming off a late night event, and I'm running largely on coffee (shocking) and 45 minutes of sleep (for real, I better not get stuck next to a chatter on my plane).

Last night was chaos, but also a lot of fun. Pretty much every possible thing went wrong, but I bobbed, weaved, and deferred to a guy with much more knowledge than me, in order to get through. Overall, attendance was high, revenue was high, and the attendees looked like they were having the time of their lives. So despite some of the very real problems that arose, I'm excited to take on next week's event, which I'll be running solo.

Post-event, we talked a lot about "key takeaways." Without getting too detailed, my events are run in big box stores across the country. While I'd like to say that my key takeaway was how to master a pallet jack to move product in the back storeroom, the truth is that I sweet talked lots of dudes into moving stuff for me yesterday.

At 2 AM, I coaxed my main man Carlos into moving three final pallets to the loading dock.

"Man! I see you've already mastered the art of flirting with the back room guys," my co-producer laughed.

In truth, I was at a keen disadvantage - during our initial conversation, it became apparent that Carlos would rather discuss the relationship statuses of the attractive male members of my team. Huzzah! No eyelash batting was necessary, and I got in a good gossip session on the freight elevator with my new BFF. Also, I taught Carlos the Z-snap.

There were other key takeaways that were less exciting, but will prove more beneficial as I enter Event Markets 2, 3, and 4. I'll be reviewing those in the next few days, and then diving in headfirst on Saturday. Wish me luck!


Emily Anne said...

Ok that video is TERRIFYING. Is it possible to be afraid of a 9 year old?