Monday, March 28, 2011

Hop skip and a jump to Day 17: Want

I have it on good authority (thanks, Facebook) that the fine participants of Lent!Blog! were busy doing real stuff in the real world this weekend, so we're going to give ourselves a "blogging bye" and return to the Challenge today.

I've been relatively thrifty lately, but the promise of spring is getting to me. I'm itching for sundresses, flats, brightly-colored jewelry, a pedicure. In reality, I'm putting my hard-earned dollars into the same old buckets: student loans, rent, car payment, insurance, savings. And I'm noticing that despite my diligence, I'm still not on the verge of an early retirement. Shocker, no?

In honor of us all being such great bill-payers, I vote we hit up Fantasy Island, if only for a few minutes.

Name three things you want, and don't you dare feel guilty while doing so.

MacBook Pro, for how many more years will I covet you?

I have a perfectly decent coffee maker but french press just looks sexier.

 Corner Ruffle Duvet Cover

This is one of about seven ruffled duvets I have bookmarked. And yet, each night I fall asleep under the rough Ikea comforter I purchased approximately five years ago. (Seriously, Ikea, just tell me the truth. Is your bedding made of horse hair?)


J D said...

I spent all weekend waiting for you to update. Another wasted weekend. Thanks a lot!

p.s. I live/die by the french press or cone filter coffee maker and a burr grinder. The burr grinder is key as is proper temperature of the water. Thoughts on the iPad?

Jamie said...

Listen, I know you think you "want" a french press, BUT YOU NEED ONE. I use that or a cone filter coffee maker and now I can't drink anything that comes out of a regular coffee maker because it just tastes burned and gross.

Be careful what you wish for with the computers.... My "trusty" (sarcastic) Dell died right before law school and I had to shell out for a MacBook Pro. If I'm in a good mood it's the love of my life. If I'm in a bad mood it's the reason my savings depleted so quickly.

Sara said...

WANT that duvet cover!!! So beautiful

TMW said...

omggggg rufflessssss

Emily Anne said...

Ok seriously send me a link to the rest of these bookmarked duvets.