Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 20: Remedy

Praise all that is good and holy that we've hit the halfway mark on this here Lent!Blog! challenge. Anyone else running out of steam? We shall overcome, y'all. (Feel free to leave prompt suggestions in the comments, by the way.)

I have spent the last six hours coming in and out of consciousness after leaving sick from work this afternoon. I seem to have a combination pounding-headache-sore-throat-stomach-flu situation... normally this would be the excuse of a bad liar who forgets what fake illness they were going to come down with. Unfortunately, it's my real life. So:

What's your best remedy for illness?

Aside from showing up on my parents' doorstep and demanding they take care of me, my favorite thing when I am on the verge of strep (my body's sickness of choice) is to chug Tazo Refresh tea, suck down Vitamin C cough drops, and sit in my bathroom while the shower is set to "scald." Then I put on the largest pair of sweatpants I own and set Hulu to a show I don't care about so I can watch/nap my way through the afternoon. Dry toast for dinner. Then, around 8 PM, I like to take a few Tylenol PMs to really conk me out.

While whining about how cruddy I felt today, I mentioned to the boy that I was wearing my Obama t-shirt, because I assumed the leader of the free world might help me through this tough time. He thought I said my "vomit" t-shirt, and I can't get that image out of my head now. I will just go ahead and say it -no one should have a vomit shirt.

Tomorrow I hope to be back to regularly scheduled programming. Thank you for your support.


Jamie said...

This only works when you're on the verge of getting sick but:  
(1) Emergen-c or a generic of it 3x per day
(2) Morning yoga
(3) water and herbal tea all the time
(4) Tylenol every 4 hours
(5) 2 hours of extra sleep every night

Also heated neck wraps for any sort of sinus thing. Aaaamazing. And nasal rinses. Gross but effective.