Thursday, November 18, 2010

Years since it's been clear

It's been a rough week, friends. For example, I wiped out TWICE in the work lobby yesterday. The second time, I fell while reenacting to a friend exactly how stupid I looked the first time - I know, I really can't make this up.

Today I woke up and felt like I might die. When I nearly passed out in the shower while attempting to get ready for work, I decided it might be a good time to use PTO and recover from whatever it was that this week had done to me.

The problem is, this week is just like any other will be until mid-February. Full time work, dance six days a week, attempting to see friends, family, BF. It's time to buck up, or it's going to be a long winter.

Today, I sat. And slept. And I'm just going to type it, I puked. It wasn't pretty, and it certainly didn't get any more adorable when I forced myself off the couch to go buy my own sick food (will the awful realities of becoming an adult never cease?).

I'm full on chicken soup, hot tea, and I read a new People Magazine dedicated to Kim Kardashian being a spinster (at age 30, naturally). Tomorrow I will take on the world, provided the world is my cube for 8 hours and then 2 1/2 hours of high school dance team practice. Bring it, spontaneous-exhaustion-bordering-on-blackouts.


Also I'm looking into Reverb10. Anyone else out there interested? It's a blog challenge run by Gwen Bell and friends - I tried out their 2009 version last year and it was fabulous. Let me know, webfriends.


Anonymous said...

totally down for reverb10!

Jamie said...

Oh man. The run up to the holiday season is kind of stressful. I feel like November-Feb is that stretch where "time flies by." Hang in there!

Teresa said...

totes down too. first week of dec might be hard to swing, but starting dec 12 my thoughts will only revolve around my own sloooooow spin into depression.

distraction will be welcome.

Anonymous said...

Look forward to seeing you on #reverb10. We have some rad authors lined up for prompts. And like you, Teresa, the end of year is hard for me. Writing is the thing that keeps me going. <3

Debbie said...

I'm in!