Friday, September 24, 2010

Bucket List to 30

After being less than jazzed about 23 and 24, I've been surprising myself with my enthusiasm for the big 2-5. (Which happens this Sunday, so be sure to send all gifts immediately.)

BF and I are off to Milwaukee for a wedding, and are planning to make a quick stop in Madison on our way home so that my birthday isn't just a greasy diner breakfast followed by 7 hours of 94W. I predict that being in Madison 3 years after I last experienced fall there will send me into the usual birthday tailspin to which I am accustomed. Until then, my bucket list to 30. Yes, I included easy ones to make sure I don't get overwhelmed.

Bucket List to 30:
  • Travel to: Greece, Italy, Prague, Austin TX, Washington D.C., New York City
  • Develop self-esteem program for female high school athletes- my dance team to be the guinea pigs, expand out once I work out the kinks
  • Work/volunteer on a political campaign

  • Start up freelance company for writing side projects

  • Buy Macbook Pro for said freelance writing projects (Yay!)

  • Take on yoga, unless I can afford pilates... in which case, pilates

  • Pay off my car and student loans? Or maybe 75% of my student loans is more realistic? I don't know, just take a big crack at debt I guess

  • Take conversational Spanish classes
  • Take a real stab at blogging instead of just ramble-ranting. This includes a full redesign.
  • Run a 1/2 marathon (TMB, how in shape are you? Could we do this together?)

  • Host a legit dinner party

  • Unearth the stomach I brought with me to college
  • See a concert in the Cumberland Caverns in Tennessee
  • Take an Excel class so my work life is no longer a living hell

  • Allow Jenna to bring me to something outdoorsy, like hiking or camping

  • Establish a memorial for Dan

  • Attend a taping of The Daily Show

  • Buy a house, paint front door red
  • Continue to fend off marriage and children

  • Grow a vegetable garden with veggies that are both edible and alive

  • Create a book club that doesn't suck

  • Read Jonathan Franzen's "Freedom" and find out what all the fuss is about

  • Organize Survivor Bar Crawl for Mpls friends

  • Win the State Dance Team championship

  • Go to a Twins post-season game (in 2010?!)

  • Have a political convo with BF wherein he admits that he's a raging liberal at heart who'd like nothing more than to discuss Paul Wellstone's legacy with me over a glass bottle of Spanish Red
  • Learn more about wine so I can say I like things other than Spanish Red

  • Go on a trip w/ my mom

  • Read Kristof's "Half the Sky", change the world after coming to an epiphany half way through (or something like that)


Jamie said...

This is an amazing list. 23 is looming large for me and I am not.freaking.happy. I can't wait to read about all these things that you're going to do in a newly redesigned blog :) (though I like your blog design a lot now!).

I *always* go into a birthday tailspin, usually involving a highly imaginative and greatly exaggerated mythical list of things I wanted to have done by said age. It's not good. Last year was especially bad because I graduated 4 days after my birthday. Hopefully this year finals are sufficiently distracting...

Jamie said...


Greta said...

um can i please be in your non sucking book club?

Emily Elizabeth said...

I think I can help with two of these...combined dinner party and 1/2 marathon. Initial thought: host a pasta feed the night before we run a 1/2 marathon.

...let me know. :)

Tristan said...

Well as far as me being in shape - the answer is I'm not, BUT what the hell - I'll sign myself up to run a half with you if it includes warm weather - aka not until spring!! And survivor bar crawl - this is not only on my bucket list but included on my list of fun activities for Oct. So we need to have an official panning meeting ASAP!!

Anonymous said...

your list is waaaaaaay better than most i've read.

favorite: continue to fend off marriage and children. (seriously - it can wait)

do it: work on a campaign - super fun times. seriously, you'll never have more fun. but please don't think this translates into other political work (i did it and it so doesn't)


i read buy a house, paint front door red as buy a HORSE, paint blah blah red. {laughed my ass off}

hope you had a wonderful birthday.