Thursday, July 15, 2010


K is for Kathleen. Not this Kathleen, though I like her a lot too.

In college, my friend received a stuffed duck from her kinda-sorta boyfriend when she was having a crappy day.

My friends and I, not being the sort of gals who can appreciate sweet gestures at face value, gave the duck an elaborate and inappropriate backstory, first dubbing it 'Kathleen'.

You should know Kathleen is male. He is a FTM transgender duck who is currently undergoing assessments with doctors so that he can make his life change. One of the main things hindering this development is that Kathleen, unfortunately, is a recovering alcoholic who often falls off the wagon. For some reason, he tends to relapse on reunion weekends with said girlfriends, but we're all not sure why.

Our guy friends from college, not being the sort of fellows who appreciate the attention that comes from entering bars with a transgender stuffed duck in tow, often bemoan Kathleen's existence. Of course, this only raises our obsession with bringing him everywhere when we meet up.

This weekend, I'm off to Seattle to play with the girls. Kathleen, who has also been living in the Pacific Northwest for the past 6 months, will be there as well. He's pretty excited, but I have a feeling he'll be back in rehab come Tuesday.

Shouldn't be allowed in Vegas.


Teresa said...

I cannot even begin to imagine the trainwreck that is to be your weekend.

Tali said...

YES. I must say, I am extremely happy that Kathleen made your blog AND was a fun sponge this weekend. I didn't know if Seattle could handle that yellow bastard in a bar, thank god he blacked out too soon and couldn't go with us.