Friday, May 7, 2010

You Better Start From the Start

This was an exceptionally crappy week, which explains my lack of blogging. I hate blogging when I’m crabby because I assume people drop in to hear about me being an idiot, or hating on a certain sub-set of the population. Probably people aren’t here because they want to know about how I got stuck in 7 different rounds of gawker traffic in one day or that I rolled my eyes at a lot of client emails this week.

There were lots of good things about this week though. I drank a lot of wine after work, which was fabulous. I watched Glee with my co-workers which is becoming my favorite new Wednesday lunch habit. I went to the batting cages with the BF and let off a LOT of steam (think this might be the liberal version of the firing range, everyone must go.) I got back into dance mode for a meeting, and now get to relax on that front until October.

I also hit a milestone this week where I voluntarily turned down a trip to Caribou because I am beginning to prefer my own brew to their lattes. (The sound you hear is my bank account exploding into an elaborate fireworks show.)

In celebration of this historic day, I give you this adorable photograph which I found on the site
We Heart It thanks to my blogger pal Shannon.

Happy weekend!


Jamie said...

The batting cages are the BEST for anger management. I mean personally, I'll take the firing range too, but there's nothing like hitting the hell out of a little piece of leather with a big wooden bat to make you feel superhuman. Glad to hear you're on the up :-)

Shannon Clattenburg said...

I've never tried the batting cages to let off steam.

I'm actually pretty sure I've never even been to a batting cage.

Considering I had a panic attack last week - I may need to try that technique out sooner rather than later.

PS - good job on the weheartit photo! Totally addicting, hey?