Saturday, April 10, 2010

Talking bout my generation

Teresa and I were just discussing what we feel is the dwindling existence of 'handyman' in our generation. Not people who fix things for a living, but guys who are able to fix things if you need them to. This does not please T, and though I'd never really thought about it, it would be annoying to hire out contractors for all small jobs once I'm a homeowner.

Anyway, this morning I was whining to my new-ish guy about how my sunglasses had broke. He took them from me, popped the un-poppable lens back in and said "there". It was a heroic moment.

I didn't skip a beat, asking, "Hey my car has been kind of loud lately. Like when I accelerate it makes more noise than it used to. Do you know what that means?"

New-ish guy pondered this and then asked, in all seriousness, "Well.... have you tried turning the music up?"

Yes, I have. Blasting The Frames is slightly awkward but I've gotten over it. Glad we're on the same page.

Here's an article that came up when I googled "Gen Y guys + fix stuff". It's not very interesting, but it at least verifies that T isn't the only one to notice that men like our dads- the ones who replace toilets on Easter morning and re-finish hardwood floors on a whim- are perhaps a dying breed.


Thomas said...

but what about women who can do the same fix-its? have they ever existed? is their time coming? has it gone? i think maybe the question isn't about handy-men per se but the ability of people to do many mundane tasks on their own.

LH said...

My mom fixed everything in our house. Whenever she had the kitchen sink taken apart, she would mutter to me, "Never learn how to fix stuff!"

So I took her advice and I never did. And Husbandman can't either, so we are inconvenienced quite frequently. But we manage.

Happy Weekend...

Gina Marie said...

You're both right- as I was reading this, I was aware of how helpless I sounded. And... as LH mentioned, it's sometimes really really nice to be helpless! I'm staying ignorant in home repairs, for now and for always.